End of US Visa Lottery? No Way!

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US Visa Lottery:  Did it end?

Donald Trump blasts the US Visa Lottery

U.S. President Donald Trump blasts the US Visa Lottery

For the past several months, U.S. President Donald Trump has talked a lot about trashing the US Visa Lottery program.  He falsely claims that the program attracts the worst candidates from bad countries around the world.  His comments are spread worldwide by the press and cause a lot of confusion among potential participants in the program.

Even with all of Trump’s bad-mouthing of the highly beneficial US Visa Lottery, the program continues to go forward without any interruption.  The program is not stopped or eliminated.  It will take an act of Congress in order to change or end the visa program, which offers 50,000 permanent residence visas, or green cards, every year.  Trump’s words alone cannot end the program and, for the most part, the US Congress seems very unlikely (even unwilling) to do anything to the 20-year old program.

You can still register for the Visa Lottery.

So, for now, President Trump’s loud comments do not affect the program.

Are you interested in getting your own US visa?  Then you can still register in the program by completing the form at USA Green Card.  The next lottery is scheduled to take place in October 2018, but you can sign up at any time on the USA Green Card website.

You can learn more about the program and sign up for free updates at www.USA-Green-Card.com

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