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USA Green Card

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Why USA Green Card?

Student T. Malek, Green Card Winner


  • Permanent residency in the US.
  • American citizenship after 5 years.
  • Legal right to live and work in the US.
  • Health, education, and career benefits.

Build a better future for you and your family with all the benefits available in the United States.

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Green Card

A "green card" is a permanent residence visa for the United States. With a green card you are legally allowed to live and work in America. It is widely considered the best way to advance your future prospects!

Green card holders can live anywhere they wish in the US, can work in any occupation according to their skills and qualifications, can enroll in American schools, and can benefit from the numerous opportunities available in the US socioeconomic system.

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2021 Green Card Lottery

The easiest and fastest way to get your own green card is to apply to the annual Green Card Lottery.

Almost everyone qualifies to participate and the application requirements are minimal.

USA Green Card is here to help you with your application.

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