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Qualifying for the Green Card Lottery

If you live outside of America, did you know that you have 55,000 chances to get into the United States? The US Immigration Department offers such a chance through an annual DV Lottery. This is a singular opportunity: no other region in the world gives away so many chances to enter their country. Imagine simply getting an opportunity to get into America because you meet the correct eligibility requirements!

How can you pass up on DV Lottery opportunities when such opportunities are few and far between? The United States is always looking to diversify its population and they openly extend Green Card Lottery opportunities to qualified individuals looking to move to America. Yet, just because the United States makes such an offer, don't fool yourself into believing that it is a simple process. Indeed, you can fill out a Visa Lottery application online, but if you make a single error, you lose: your application will be disregarded. While such a statement may seem harsh it is true: since the US Immigration Department receives millions of applications every year the department tends to move through the application process quickly.

How does the US Immigration Department review the millions of applications that they receive? The easiest way to weed out applications begins with determining eligibility. If the applicant lives in a country that has been deemed ineligible to participate, the application is disregarded. Next, the department reviews each application and everything must be answered, otherwise, again, the application is disqualified.

Everyone that registers to participate in the Green Card Lottery is required to submit one photo of him or her self. If more than one family member is applying, they will also be required to submit a separate photo. One photo is required for every family member included on the registration form. Each photo must conform to very strict format requirements before the US Immigration Department will authorize the registration to be included in the US Visa Lottery program.

It is true that the DV Lottery is a gamble, but there is no need to make the process a bigger gamble than it already is. You can maximize your chances of winning the Green Card Lottery if you abide by all restrictions and meet the demands set forth by US Immigration. Errors that happen are unfortunately common. Many individuals, especially those that do not have English as their first language will inadvertently make a mistake on their DV Lottery application: a costly mistake because they will lose out on a great opportunity.

When filling out the DV lottery application many questions may arise. This is where professional Visa Lottery application assistance from USA Green Card is vital. Suppose questions arise pertaining to an applicant's eligibility to participate, the application process, or the photo requirements? All questions and concerns can be addressed by our professional team. USA Green Card makes certain that every aspect of your Green Card Lottery application is completed correctly and submitted with a maximal opportunity for success. It is far better to have a knowledgable, professional from USA Green Card available to assist in matters concerning the Diversity Visa Lottery process.

You can learn more about eligibility requirements and $Link("PhotographRequirements", "photograph requirements") on the USA Green Card website. You can also begin your online registration by completing the online application form. Good luck with your American Immigration dreams!

USA Green Card is an independent organization and is not affiliated with the US Government. We offer a professional service for application preparation, review, submission, and tracking that requires payment of a fee. Reproduction of this website in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
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