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The Ins and Outs of Getting your Green Card

Let's face it: getting a green card is not necessarily an easy process. While there are a number of ways to deal with US Immigration and to get a green card, each process holds its set of drawbacks. The primary ways to get a green card include getting an employer that will sponsor you for a green card, legally marrying a citizen of the United States of America, and finally, the simplest of all measures, taking your chances in the US Immigration's annual Green Card Lottery.

While you may get lucky and find an employer that will sponsor you so that you can immigrate to America, the chances are slim. US employers often find that it is easier to hire workers that are already in the United States. Now, unless you plan on marrying an American citizen anytime soon, your best opportunity is to enter the Green Card Lottery (also called the Diversity Visa Lottery, or US Immigration Lottery). On that note: it is never advisable to marry someone simply to immigrate to another country! Unless you are marrying for love, you shouldn't get married at all: not to mention that to marry simply for immigration purposes risks imprisonment or deportation.

If you take advantage of Green Card Lottery opportunities and you meet all requirements, the ratio of success is approximately 1:70. That means that one out of every 70 people that enter into the lottery actually get a green card or visa. Now, to actually become one of the 70 people eligible in each ratio is another thing entirely.

What kind of requirements does the US Immigration Department demand in order for an individual to be considered eligible for Visa Lottery participation? Primarily, the US Immigration Department is concerned with and views a number of different factors. The department will look at your application and review it to see if you live in a country that is considered eligible to participate; many countries are restricted from participation. The department will review your application for inconsistencies and errors and they will also see if it lacks the information they demand: if so, you will be disqualified. The department will review your educational history and you will have to meet minimum education guidelines. If you do not satisfy the minimum education level required to participate in the Green Card Lottery program, the US Immigration Department will consider your work history. Finally, your marital status is reviewed and the photos submitted with your application are also carefully assessed to guarantee that they meet specific requirements.

Considering all that the US Immigration Department demands, the Green Card Lottery can seem like a lengthy ordeal and a daunting task. People that do not speak English as their first language often find that task a bit threatening, fearing that they will fail to fill out the application correctly. Fearful that they will neglect a crucial part of the application, some individuals avoid making the attempt at all. Nevertheless, just because one is not sure about their ability to use the English language, it in no way means that they should avoid the opportunity to participate. Professionals from USA Green Card are prepared to help people fill out their applications correctly and to answer any questions one may have about the Visa Lottery process.

To get started with the wonderful opportunity provided through the Green Card Lottery, complete your online registration today!

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