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Understanding the Green Card Lottery

The Permanent Diversity Program was first established in 1990 by the US Immigration Department in an effort to increase the diversity in American culture; this measure was enacted by George W. Bush and is now known as Section 203 of the Immigration Act. Now, each year 50,000 lucky applicants gain entry into the United States. Commonly referred to as the Green Card Lottery, the Visa Lottery, or the DV Lottery, the program allows applicants to apply for entry into the United States. Those accepted into the drawing get a chance to win the opportunity to move to the United States.

The competition for DV Lottery entry positions is fierce. Millions of people put in applications electronically for a chance to win the DV Lottery. Yet, only about 100,000 entries are accepted and only 55,000 of these actually win on an annual basis. Breaking it down even further, out of all individuals that try to get into America via the Visa Lottery entry, 1 out of every 70 people pass the rigorous expectations of US Immigration.

It is true that in any lottery you will need a little luck on your side if you hope to be one of the winners. While there is certainly an aspect of luck that comes into play when entering the DV Lottery, there are also certain measures that are quite controllable. Indeed, the Visa Lottery is a matter of random selection—that is, out of the millions of applications reviewed, only 100,000 submissions are entered and only 55,000 entries will win. The key to winning is first found in becoming one of the 100,000 people that are actually considered for entry at all.

The best way to ensure that you really have a solid chance at winning the Green Card Lottery is to submit a perfect application and photo. Professional services offered at USA Green Card are readily available: there are people trained to analyze your application and photo submissions before you make your electronic submission. If your application is completed properly, your eligibility requirements are verified, and your submitted photo(s) are validated, and you meet the deadline set by US Immigration, you clearly improve your chances of winning. Once your submission has been accepted for the lottery drawing, you will be given a computerized number. The number provided is later selected randomly. Winners are notified by the Diversity Visa Lottery processing center, known as the Kentucky Consular Center, or KCC.

It is imperative that every individual consider their application and photo submission as incredibly important documents: requirements that demand the utmost attention to detail. Much like applying for a job or for entry into a university, the electronic submissions must be able to speak for the individual applying. Spelling errors, blanks, and inadequate information on visa lottery applications are a major reason why many people do not even get into the lottery. Meanwhile, an important second reason why many people do not get a chance to win the Green Card Lottery is improper photo submissions. Essentially, the application and photo submitted are much like resumes: they must meet submission requirements and adhere to specific formats.

USA Green Card specializes in the professional review and preparation of registrations for the annual Green Card Lottery program. Let us work with you to guarantee that your participation in the program is successful. All registrations submitted through us are carefully and meticulously reviewed. If any errors are found, you are notified, and we work with you until all registration items are perfected.

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