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Who should consider participating in the US Visa Lottery?

The United States of America is what many would refer to the land of opportunities, thanks to the extensive resources available to make a decent living. It is this fact that drives many people to come to the United States and find greener pastures. To date, scores of foreigners have migrated into the country with hopes and dreams of finding a living for themselves and for their families. However, entering the U.S.A. is not a walk in the park, as State Department officials have imposed stringent laws and regulations to monitor the kind of foreigners who enter the country.

The first step to gaining an entry into America is to apply for an immigrant visa. Immigrant visas are available for different purposes and include work visas, education visas, dependent visas, marriage visas and more. Entering the U.S.A. with these immigrant visas does not entitle an immigrant all the rights of an American citizen. The closest thing for a foreigner to be an American citizen is to obtain a Lawful Permanent Resident Card, also known as the Green Card. The rights of a Permanent Resident Card holder are almost the same as an American citizen, except for the right to vote and to apply for federal jobs.

This is exactly why there has been a sudden rise in the number of people applying for the Permanent Resident Card. Also, the United States of America is looking to include people from varied cultural backgrounds in its population, in order to increase its diversity. For this purpose, the U.S. State Department had introduced a Green Card Lottery program to offer green cards to almost 50,000 foreigners every year. Participating in the Green Card Lottery program, in a broader sense, is open to almost anyone and everyone, provided the Green Card Lottery requirements are met.

Foreigners who are looking forward to become American Citizens and belonging to an eligible country can participate in the Green Card Lottery program. Another important factor to consider is that the applicants should not be criminals and should possess a clean background, in order to qualify for the green card process. Also, his/her intentions to enter the country must be true and legal, because if it is found otherwise during the green card interview, his/her application will be flatly rejected.

Foreign nationals participating in the Green Card Lottery program should not suffer from any serious medical condition and should not be addicted to drugs. These foreigners should have finished the equivalent of a U.S. high school education or possess a minimum of 2 years of work experience in the last five years. If anyone is found to be deviating from these requirements, they will not survive the green card interview and will not see the end of the green card process. For people who want to bring their immediate family members including spouse, children and parents, the Green Card Lottery program is the perfect option to do so. If you are looking to work and settle down with your family in the United States of America, it is time for you to enroll in the green card lottery.

$WebSite is an expert that offers expert guidance to find out whether you are eligible to participate in the U.S Diversity Visa Lottery program. Following this, USA Green Card will also equip you with information about what to expect at the green card interview. They employ professionals who will help you prepare, review and submit your application on time.

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