Benefits of Holding A U.S. Green Card

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For many hopefuls across the world, getting a U.S. green card is a dream come true. To qualify for a green card, you have to participate in a lottery. And if you win a green card, get ready to enjoy the many advantages that come with it.

Officially called an Alien Registration Receipt Card, the green card gives holder the right to live in the United States. You can live, work and study permanently in the U.S. And the best part is that you can still keep your foreign citizenship and residency in your original country. A green card enables you to enter and leave U.S. with ease, but if you spend an extended period of time in the country, i.e. three to five years, you can easily qualify for permanent U.S. citizenship.

There are numerous advantages of obtaining a U.S. green card. These are detailed below:

USA Green Card

  • The independence to work and live in the U.S.

Having a green card enables you to live and work in the U.S. permanently. You can apply for any job and take it on. This also includes government sector employment. Although there are some highly sensitive areas of government work that only U.S. citizens can qualify for, that still leaves a wide gamut of employment that’s made available for green card holders in United States.

  • Live in any part of the United States.

A green card holder can travel within the country and take up residence in any part they wish. However, travelling outside of U.S. for more than six months at a time might be a risky idea if you want to safeguard your potential for permanent residency.

  • Sponsor relatives to live with you.

Green card holders can sponsor their relatives to get their personal green card and live in the United States permanently.

  • Get U.S. citizenship.

Having a green card is the first step towards ensuring a permanent citizen status. This will give you the right to vote in local and national elections, even run for office yourself!

  • Get access to social benefits and legal rights.

Green card can give you access to tax benefits, social security benefits, sponsored educations, retirement and health benefits, research grants and a lot more. Buy your own home in the U.S. and secure financing like you were born and bred in America.

Are You Ready To Apply for a U.S. Green Card Visa Lottery Program?

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