Applying For A Work Permit While Green Card Application Is Pending!

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People who already have a green card do not need any other papers or authorizations to earn wages in the United States.

However, others who are there in any other form of Visa, with pending green card application, must file an application for adjustment of status to work legally. They can get an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) quicker. These will authorize them to work in the U.S.

Until their applications for adjustment of status are accepted or they get their green cards, they are eligible to find lawful employment in the United States with EADs.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) normally issues work permits with 12 months validity. If the applications are still ending after a year, it is important that beneficiaries of immigrant petitions renew their employment authorization documents after this duration. It is a good idea to renew EADs before the old ones expire so there isn’t an unnecessary gap is employment. However, if the green cards have been issued in this period, EADs are no longer required. It takes USCIS nearly 90 days to approve applications and give EADs to suitable applicants.

However, if it isn’t received within 90 days, it is possible to get an interim EAD with 240-day validity.

Will I Be Considered Employed If I Only Run A Small Home Business?

Yes. Home based/online businesses are also considered employment for all intents and purposes. Engaging in such a business with a non-immigrant visa without filing for the necessary documents such as the I-765 is considered a violation of terms of the visa. It can result in denial for adjustment of status application.

You will need to file Form I-765 for U.S. work permits. It can be done online. It should be accompanied with a filing fee of $380.

Please remember that unauthorized unemployment is heavily frowned upon. When it comes to meting out punishments and penalties, a person’s intentions are never really regarded by authorities.

It is a good idea to get legal help and work with experienced attorney to sort out these issues.

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