Departing Obama Administration And Immigration

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Very few groups (of people) face a more uncertain fate than the DREAMERS under President Trump. Who are they? It’s a group of some 750,000 immigrants that were granted work permits and temporary residency under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, since 2012.

President Trump repeatedly campaigned against DACA, stating an end to the program on more than one occasion. His stance may have softened somewhat post-election however this promise of undoing key executive Obama Administration orders in recent day offer little hope to immigrants looking for permanent citizenship.

Administrations Come and Go Yet All Prioritize Immigrants Removal

Immigration enforcement resources are limited therefore immigrants are the first ones to be removed from the roster. In fact, previous administrations have largely focused on removing immigrants with a criminal background or convictions, regardless of their legal residency status or not. Comparably, the Trump administration will prioritize some of the same groups however his approach will be slightly aggressive.

As mentioned above – deportations or removals occurred in nearly all administrations including Obama. In fact:

Mass Deportations Increased Under the Obama Administration, At First

Deportations or ‘removals’ actually increased in each of the four years under Obama. The number rose to an astonishing 400,000 in 2012.

Illegal Immigration Reform, Immigration Responsibility Act and the Former U.S. President

Number of illegal deportation increased with addition of a 1996 passage of both abovementioned acts, after September 11. This development secured increasing budgets for the DHS agencies that began to enforce immigration law more tightly and stringently. Additionally, deportations have decreased in the past 3 years… that is under Obama.

Former Obama Administration and Passing of Two Immigration Decisions

It was January 12 just 2 weeks ahead of Trump’s inauguration when the dying Obama presidency announced and signed two excellent immigration decisions.

Automatic Legalization of Illegal Cuban Immigrants Terminated

The 22 year old policy that allowed Cubans to stay and gain legal residency (even without visas) was abolished by the then-president Obama in his farewell address. Mr. Obama further clarified immediate removal from U.S. soil will be considered of those illegal Cuban immigrants who don’t qualify for humanitarian relief.

Work On Proposed EB-5 Program Regulations

Additionally the Department of Homeland Security also announced proposed regulations of the immigrant investor program. This immigration decision didn’t come off as a surprise as it was in the working for months. What will the proposed regulations achieve?

General thinking behind this proposed plan is raising money to triple the amount without increasing number of issued visas in a year. This will hopefully bring a balance, i.e. will tilt funds away from already prosperous areas and distribute into more distressed ones.

With the speed President Trump is going, he will have revoked every order presented by the Obama administration. Here is to hoping immigrants seeking residency and citizenship through the DV lottery or such programs aren’t affected. For the latest immigration and DV lottery news, visit USA Green Card.

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