Getting Married During Your DV Lottery Application Process? Here Is What You Need To Know

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Under U.S. DV application requirements, only married couples can submit a joint application. What does this mean for unmarried couples or single men and women who may have marriage on the cards later? Will their DV lottery application be affected negatively? This is a good question that warrants a detailed and informative answer.

One of the Most Critical Questions on Your DV Application Is About Marital Status

Any mistake, even the most simple and innocent one will lead to disqualification. Most people don’t realize this. An example of such a mistake on the marital status is: choosing legally separated when in fact they are still married, even if separated. In order for this information to be deemed accurate, your separation must be legally recorded by a court. On a similar note: entering married as your status even if you are currently not can also result in disqualification. This means the marital status question must be taken seriously and literally.

DV Lottery Application and Entry by an Unmarried Couple

First things first – unmarried people cannot list their girlfriend/boyfriend/partner as a spouse. This shouldn’t deter unmarried couples to enter separately into the DV green card lottery. This can increase chances of winning (of either person); additionally you will also have the option of marrying to confer this advantage to the non-winner.

Exact Same Requirements Are Still In Place

Let it be known that such cases will not be treated in any special manner. The principal selectee i.e. DV lottery winner must meet USCIS set requirements in their own right. This stipulation is incredibly important considering unmarried couples can’t benefit from cross charging. Following are two scenarios that can take place:

Scenario #1: Marriage after Registration but Before DV Lottery Results

This scenario is relatively easy to solve. Of course applicants cannot be expected to put their lives on hold after applying to DV lottery. Keep this in mind: the more important form (DS260) is filled and submitted after lottery results have been announced. Once selected, you can simply fill in the DS260 as a married couple.


Normal scrutiny should be expected of the marriage as this is standard procedure. Marriage prior to selection will get similar interest which is why you must be extra prepared during the interview stage.

Scenario #2: Marriage After DV Results Have Been Announced but Prior to Interview

You can decide to prolong submission of the DS260 form if you and your partner have plans of marrying shortly after DV lottery results announcement. This way you can easily include your spouse on the first submission if selected.


What to do if you marry while waiting for the next stage, i.e. the interview? You must send in a modification request (via email) to unlock your DS260 form if you have already made the submission. This request will then include your spouse and modify your own entry, according to new marital status.


USA Green Card suggests adding a scan of the marriage certificate in the modification email request. It will later be added to your KCC file. In case of the marriage taking place after your case has reached the embassy for scheduled interview, informing and handling this change in marital status should be done with the embassy. Let your first-time DV lottery submission experience be a smooth and hassle-free one. Let USA Green Card handle everything from start to finish. Register today.

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What happened if I have a different last name on my dv results and WAEC certificate. What are my possible solution.

    Leo, did you register with us? What is your Application ID #?

I wone the dv lottery 2018 as a single person I don’t have a serious relationship will it be any problem with that

    You shouldn’t have a problem as long as you are actually qualified to participate. You do not need to be married to qualify.

how do get information about my qualifying for this programm

i am interested but there are fraudster all around this program

    USA Green Card is a legitimate organization in business since 1997 and our credentials can be verified through the Better Business Bureau and the Secretary of State, Corporations Division for Massachusetts. Learn more at

I applied as a single (while I was engaged) and won the DV lottery in 2017. I am now married and holding my husband’s last name.

1.How do I change my name in the visa center?
2.How do I add my spouse?
3.Do I need to translate the marriage certificate to English?

Thank you,

    You should be able to do this when you submit your updated application form to the Kentucky Consular Center. Contact them at the number that is provided on your confirmation notice.

I want to describe my case, i registered in the entry application in October 2016 as i was single then i was engaged before the results announcement, until now i have not completed the DS 260 form to have an interview on the consulate because there was a mistake in my family name and i solved this problem lately , now i want to get married in September 2017 , is there any problem to be married before completing my procedures, and if it is o.k. , is it better to complete the DS 260 form after marriage to be in married status when completing the form and before the interview , Please inform me with the righr thing to do as i do not know the rules controlling this process, Thank you

    You should complete your DS260 with your correct name and your spouse’s information as well.

My wife an i did a traditional wedding we do have any certificate from the goverment to say that we are legally married can we still applly foe green card as couples .

    You will first need to obtain a legal document that proves your marriage is valid.

My sister and her boyfriend married after he won lottery 2018, so they can be on case together, since they had a plan to marry. Now we are wondering what questions they need to be prepared for.

Than you in advance for your time.

In case you win as single and sell the space to someone as your wife

    You cannot do this.

I’m really interested but the thing is am from Nigeria does it mean I can’t apply since my country is in the list of the ineligible countries?

    Nigeria did not qualify last year. Check back with us in September to see if Nigeria qualifies this year.

I am Alfred M. Dolo, dv2018 winner with AA0078MSF0 CN. I wone the dv lottery 2018 as a single person I don’t have money to process my documents, Will there problem if I sell the space to a woman as my wife?

    This is illegal and you cannot do it.

I did a mistake in the application form of dvlottery program. in the middle name session i put my wife’s childhood family name (she does not have a middle name). how can i correct this mistake and can it disqualify me and my wife as an applicant?

This mistake was made yesterday at approximately 9 pm 03. 10. 2017 on the first date of the DV-2019, so I hope I have time to correct it.

Iam married traditionaly with 2 kids but i hvnt change my surname to my husband surname since we dont have a marriage certificate so may i be able to apply for visa lottery with my surname and my husband with the kids under his surname as their birth cerficate state their father’s surname also

    You will need proof of your marriage if you win the program!

Hi there!
Me and my wife are not married yet, but we have 3 children and we live for more than 7 years now. How should we apply for the DV Visa?

    If you are not legally married, you can each apply separately (including your children), and if one of you wins, you would need to obtain a visa for your spouse through a separate, family-based process.

do you request for marriage certificates number or date of marriage when one applies for the dvlottery

    If you are selected, then you will be required to demonstrate proof of marriage, yes.

Q#1I wanted to list my girlfriend on spouse and submit my application is it possible and we will get married soon. Q#2 if i win z lottery and we get married after the result the marriage certeficate date would create a problem?

    You can include her as your spouse only if you are LEGALLY and actually currently married.

Last year my boyfriend in London entered as married for me, but we didn’t have any legal document to prove our marriage and also I didn’t win, but now I’m married to a different person and he wants to file for me, will there be any consequence?

    This should not be a problem as long as you have documentation to prove your current marriage.

How do one know legitimate site for registration?
What are the requirements for the registration?
Should one get married after registering for the visa lottery as single, would one be disqualified?
If one gets pregnant before been selected, would the person be disqualified?
How do one get notified if selected?
What is required of one for the interview?
What are the common mistakes one should avoid while filling the form?

I don not have a university degree or greed 12 completion rather than I have greed 10 and tevt level 3 and my girl friend has a degree so shall we continue filling with DV lottory.

Hello sir i regestred today to get the chance of getting green card but wen I have regestred as married and I have two children they are asking me for pictures of my wife and children I don’t have with me I think is the last day to apply for green card so I regestred single what I can do about this case.
Can I correct this mestak please help me

i just completed the application form for green card lottery
i made a big maistake.
i chosed divorced instead of married in marital status and i conformed the application. i know there is no way to edith it, but if i will be selected is there any way to correct it and do not result to disqualification

If applicant Is already married and still decided to apply for the lottery seperatly and maybe one of them was lucky, how can they go about it. Thanks

    If you are legally married, each spouse can submit a separate application. This doubles your chances of being selected. Apply at

I have been to interview with my wife but later realize her name was not added to my name on the confirmation page, I have been given a few hours to refill her part on the 260 form but there is no add applicant option. WHAT should I do? I need answer to this urgently please

    Michael, if you registered with USA Green Card and still need to update your information, contact us more directly by email:

Now my boyfriend study in USA and have single academic visa, I had plan to apply after a while he went that now I wine lottery, can we marry now as we are far? does it make us disqualified? Can we go to embassy separately that he doesn’t have to leave the USA?
We have evidence that we have 5 years relationship.

    You most likely cannot get married at this point to get him the visa. You will need to get your visa on your own and then if you get married you can request a spousal visa. It is best to check with your immigration attorney.

I won Dv lottery 2018,but can I get married and ADD my spouse to the D’s 260 is it allow?

    You should contact the KCC for help with this. The phone number is +16065267500 and the email is

I just want to say thanks for all the informations

    You are welcome!

I applied for the dv2018 l have three children, but I only submitted one of them name, if I am selected can I add the remaining two children on the ds260 form?

    Most likely, no. Why did you not include the other two children? If they were married or over 21 years old, then it is OK. Otherwise, this is a problem.

Am married but registered as single will it affect me when i win and will have to go for interview with my husband

    This will be a problem. You MUST include your spouse if you are legally married on your original registration form.

I just won the lottery but I got married with an American citizen about 5 months ago. However, we have not sent my petition because he was fired of his job And we do not have the money for the process.
I am already in the US and my stay period is already over. Can I still use my green card visa and file the form here in the US?

    Please check with an immigration attorney. If you have overstayed your visa period, it is a difficult situation.

If one plays a single while he is actually married due to some circumstances that the couples could not play together,can he schedule for interviews with his or her spouse ??

    Probably not. You should have included your spouse on your original application.

So u can married ur girlfriend or boyfriend if he didn’t play?

    Most likely, no. Check with an immigration attorney!

I won the lottery. I have a boyfriend and 2 kids. my boyfriend has “married” status. In the entry I wrote single. now if my boyfriend makes divorce and we get married after DV results have been announced but prior to submission of ds 260 will it cause my disqualification?

    You will need to talk to an attorney about this, but if you are not legally married, you are most likely not able to add your boyfriend and his children to your visa application.