The Diversity Visa Lottery: A Simple Way To A Better Future

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For many people around the world, living in the US is an opportunity of a lifetime. It allows them to achieve great success in ways they cannot do so in their native countries, despite attaining higher education. The Green Card Lottery is a chance for people to establish a brighter future.

The ways you can otherwise qualify for a Green Card are limited; the most common amongst these are through family or due to an employment offer.

With the Green Card attained via winning the Diversity Visa lottery, you can live in any of the 50 states, study wherever you like, or work wherever you wish to. The permanent residency status you receive is a gateway to new opportunities.

Academic Prospects

The United States houses top institutions and universities in the world. There are a number of academic perks of being a Green Card holder. If you decide you want to study after winning the DV Lottery, you save more than 50% on tuition fees, and explore further new career options.

Career Building

The US economy is quite substantial, and always re-stabilizes after any setbacks. Over the past years, it has become more service-oriented. This means that immigrants with their distinguished skill set and experiences are welcome to offer their talents to the society and create chances to grow as a professional.

The business climate of the United States promotes innovative stances towards starting new businesses.

Added Benefits

With a Green Card, you are untitled to all rights of a US citizen (except voting). This is because you are not a US citizen yet. You have the opportunity to take a step further and receive citizenship after 5 years.

Although you are not a citizen immediately, you still benefit from perks such as public assistance, and getting trading licenses for businesses with ease. You may even be able to apply for visas for direct family. You can live anywhere you like; there are no restrictions or limitations to residential boundaries within the states.

The DV Lottery grants permanent residence status in the US to 50,000 people annually, including individuals who have no other means of qualifying for the Green Card, or have to wait for over ten years till they are able to acquire one.

Applying for the US Green Card Lottery requires some work. Apply now! This could be the chance you were looking for to make your dreams a reality.

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asalaamu alaykum my name is asia i finished high secondry i don’t money to enter a university i need help to follow my learning because my family isn’t enever money please help me

hello i won since 2017 but now i dont know how to do can you help me

    Did you receive the confirmation notice? The notice contains all the information you need to proceed with your case!