Green Card Lottery Benefits

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Consider what are the benefits of winning the US Green Card Lottery!

Here are just a few benefits of the Green Card Lottery!

  • Professional and career advancement opportunities.
  • Health and education benefits.
  • Opportunity to become a US citizen.
  • Work authorization.
  • Permanent residence in the US.

There are also many more!

You can learn more about these benefits and register for the next Green Card Lottery at

We provide expert assistance with the application process!

If you have any questions about the program, you can also reach us via email at

USA Green Card Lottery

Win the Green Card Lottery

Every year, the US Government makes available over 50,000 US visas (“green cards“) to applicants who meet the entry requirements.  (You can read the requirements here.)

Winners and their immediate family members are granted US visas that allow them to immigrate to the United States to live, work, study, or do whatever they wish to do in the US.

Don’t give up your chance to get your own US visa!  Sign up to participate in this year’s program today!

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