Why Opting for USA Green Card Lottery Program is the Right Option?

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America is considered as the land of opportunities due to the fact that there are many resources available for people to make a decent living. This is the main reason why people across the world are applying for their USA green card lottery. Many people migrate to this country so that they can fulfill their dreams and desires. There are certain procedures that one needs to follow in order to enter US so that the concerned government can monitor the kind of people entering their country.

USA green card lottery

Many people try to gain entry in this country through immigrant visa. This visa is available for different purposes, but it does not allow a person to gain all the rights of an American citizen. On the other hand, foreigners having Green Card can enjoy all the benefits enjoyed by an American citizen except applying for federal jobs and the right to vote.

What is Green Card?

The American Green Card gives the holder permanent residence in the USA. It is also known as the permanent resident card and allows a person to legally live and work in the US along with other benefits like traveling freely in and out of the country. This Green Card is the first step towards the US citizenship as one must generally secure it before applying for naturalization. The most suitable way of getting a Green Card is through the USA Green card Lottery Program.

Foreigners who want to apply for Green card lottery should belong to an eligible country whose citizens are allowed to participate in the USA Green Card Lottery Program. Also, the applicants should have clean background records that means he/she should not have any criminal record to qualify for the green card process. Apart from this, he/she should not suffer from an incurable disease like HIV or Tuberculosis.

This Green Card Lottery program allows 50,000 foreigners every year to get US Green Card. It is an excellent choice for someone who wants to bring his family to US and settle down. This USA green card lottery may seem easy to many people but it is not. One needs to be very careful while filling each and every detail as failing to do so will result in disqualification. That is why, it is preferred to hire professional visa consultants to file the application for you. These consultants have the right knowledge and know how to get things done. They will make sure to file error free application.

We at USA-Green-Card have professional staff who knows how to file the application in the correct manner. Our team of immigration experts is having 15 years of experience and can guarantee that your application will never get rejected due to errors or incorrect information.





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