Winners of the USA Green Card Lottery

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Are you looking for the easiest way to get the USA green card? If yes, then check out what USA green card lottery program has to offer and why most of the people love to give a shot to this lottery program. Green card lottery program is also well-known by the name of diversity immigrant visa lottery. In fact, every year about 50,000 immigrants get the USA green card through this program which is provided by the US government.

This is the most significant way for most of the people who want to become residents of the USA without having to wait for several years. But the immigrants have to clear all the eligibility criteria in order to become a legal candidate for this program.

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To-do list for the Winners of the USA Green Card Lottery

As a matter of fact, everyone qualifies for this lottery program. There is no age limit, but you must possess minimum educational qualification or five years of work experience. A computer will randomly select the winners of the lottery and eligible winners will be issued USA green card after they successfully go through the visa application process.

The journey of the USA green card program doesn’t stop there, even though you got selected, you have to prepare for the interview process and the documentation in order to stay away from any legal system problems. ┬áBelow mentioned is the to-do list for the winners of the lottery before going to the interview.

Winners need to assemble all the supporting documents and paperwork in order to prove their eligibility status as a resident of the United States.

Winners need to check eligibility criteria thoroughly while applying for the USA green card to make sure they don’t get into any hassle.

Immigrants also have to pay the visa application processing fee (Form DS-230) before the scheduled interview.

Immigrants need to attend the visa interview on the scheduled date, and the information provided in the meeting needs to be authentic.

Applications which were filed by the applicants needs to be correct if somehow you got selected for the USA green card lottery program, but you will be rejected at the interview timing, if your documents were fake.

Pay the immigrant fee to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services after receiving the visa, before leaving for the U.S.

Winners have to submit a police clearance record according to the US Consular officer in your country or any US Embassy nearest to you.

Record for the Medical check-up as per the US Consular officer in your state or any US Embassy nearest to you.


By now, you are having the profound idea about the USA green card lottery and what are the requirements you need to comply before going to the interview. If you are still having some confusion, then head towards the USA-Green-Card for more information.

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