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The US Green Card is the permanent residence status given to any foreign national by the United States of America. This green card allows its holder to live and work legally in the country. Besides this, the holder receives health, education and other benefits. The US Government organizes a Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery every year. Another name for this is US Green Card Lottery Application and it allows people of various countries to obtain permanent residence status. Each year almost 50,000 people are offered US immigrant lottery visas through this lottery program.

Green Card Lottery Application

Submit your green card lottery application

You should always see the deadline on the official website and should file an application before it. The date for application submissions normally starts in the month of October and lasts about one month. The deadline is normally in the starting of December. These dates can be changed by the US Government any time they want. The applicants should be ready with all the details and should file the application as early as possible. If you fail to do so and file the application after the deadline, your application will not be considered.

Registering early will allow a person sufficient time to thoroughly review your information that you need to submit. If you find any error, correct it. Many times people are not able to understand the correct procedure and make mistakes. In order to avoid this, one can easily take the help of professionals that can help you in filing a correct application.

There are many details that need to be filled correctly like full name, date of birth, gender, city/town and the country you were born, your mailing address, your marital status and much more. Many times people gets confused and enter the wrong information. To tackle this problem, professional service providers are there who can help you in entering correct details and guaranteeing that your application will never get rejected due to incorrect information.

USA-Green-Card is one such service provider helping you filing American Visa Lottery application in the correct manner. We have many experienced members ensuring to file and enter correct details. Our team offers a high level of personalized assistance with an entire application process that has eligibility verification, picture handling, data review and post-registration results tracking and notification. We have successfully handled many applicants to date. Our services will bring peace of mind to you and will guarantee that your application will never be rejected due to incorrect information.

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