Don’t become a victim of Green Card Lottery Scams!

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Certainly, you have heard about the scams of the USA green card lottery program, and must be afraid while applying for the green card lottery program? If yes, then you have come to the right place, this article will provide the brief descriptions about the USA green card lottery scams program so that you can steer away from the legal system problems.

Some companies who claim to be the US government demand money in order to complete the USA green card lottery application. Please note that only official way to apply for USA green card lottery program is to apply through online at the government registered websites such as USA-Green-Card.

green card lottery scams

Scams of the Green Card Lottery Program

Well, green card lottery is a commonly sought after a way towards a prosperous life and employment opportunities in the United States. In fact, approximately 85000 people apply for this program every year in order to get the prosperous life and employment opportunity by getting US green card. This paves the way for unscrupulous people who operate websites to make money.

Most of the scams are carried out by the corrupt businesses and attorneys. These attorneys and business people claim that they can make it easier for you to enter the lottery for a fee. So, it is always advisable to stay away from this scams because the U.S. Department of State uses a computerized method to pick successful applicants and the registration form is FREE-OF-Cost.

Telephone Scam

Recently, a telephone scam has been adopted by the scammers. This telephone scam has come up internationally, and the scammers try to contact the applicants who have applied for the USA green card lottery program by cold-calling them. If you get a confirmation via email affirming that you have won the USA green card and you only need to send a specific amount for processing, in that case, you are being scammed. The U.S. State Department notifies all the winners via mail.

By law, USA green card is granted by the US government to those immigrants who are desperate to get the US green card through the diversity immigrant visa. In order to apply for this program, applicants need to qualify all the eligibility criteria. The very first eligibility criteria are that you should be from a qualifying country according to the USA green card lottery program. Other eligibility criteria are that the applicant should have at least a high school education or its equivalent.

And if somehow you are not eligible for reasons such as coming from a country that is not on the list of eligible countries and someone calls you or send you the confirmation via mail, by stating that you have won the lottery, in that case, you are getting scammed. The U.S. State Department is very strict about its eligibility criteria.


So, now that you are having the profound idea about the scams of the USA green card lottery program. The only way to avoid becoming a victim of green card scams is to understand how the lottery works. For more information regarding this program, head over USA-Green-Card and avail all the services from data review, picture handling, and post-registration results tracking and notification.

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I moved to Anchorage Alaska at the end of 2015 with my 6 children while my husband is still back home in American Samoa. Can I apply him for the green card lottery? Does he need to apply for his visa to enter the US or apply for the green card lottery. I really want him to move here and be with me and the children in the US. The schools are way much better and I know the kids future is whats best than moving back to the islands.

I wish to live in america