Participate in the American visa lottery with USA Green Card Service!

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If you are looking for a fruitful and prosperous life, then just give a shot to the American visa lottery program with the help of USA Green Card service and enjoy the benefits associated with it. Keep on reading this article and explore the real gems for applying for a green card with us!


Due to the skyrocketing demand for green cards, the visa process is becoming slow and cumbersome. But registering with USA Green Card for the American visa lottery takes only a few minutes and must be done electronically. The first and foremost step for participating in the American visa lottery is to complete the electronic Diversity Visa Lottery application form.

The second step is to submit the photos of all the family members on the registration form and pay the registration fee. Well, instructions for submitting photos in the application form and sending payment for our Visa Lottery processing fee will be provided at the time of registering for the American visa lottery program.

USA Green Card Service

Once you understand the registration process for participating in the American visa lottery, the next thing you need to ask- what service does USA Green Card provide to the applicants?

Well, USA Green Card service charges for the complete and professional management of your Green Card lottery application, from data review, picture handling, eligibility verification, and post-registration results tracking and notification. So, if you are interested in having USA Green Card, then just skip the long wait and tedious visa processes and apply for the Green Card Lottery today with us.

And take away the confusion and stress from the complicated visa lottery registration process. Our service guarantees that your visa application is completed correctly, on time, and without any errors!

What does the registration fee include?

By now that you are familiar with the services of USA Green Card, but you must be worried about the registration fee. In that case, you will be amazed by knowing that our professional service will include all the following things in the registration fee in order to assess your eligibility to participate in the Green Card Lottery.

  • Track the progress of your American visa lottery registration to ensure that applicants should obtain visa lottery results as fast as possible.
  • Look after all the government guidelines for Visa Lottery photographs.
  • Provide complete assessment from preparation, to review, to submission and tracking of your Visa Lottery results.
  • The application will be registered with the US State Department, and proof of participation will be provided to the applicants.


By now that you are having a profound idea about the services of USA Green Card and how we can help you in having an American green card. The applicants who are worrying about their registration form and other documents, don’t need to despair, just head over USA-Green-Card and our service will bring you peace of mind and guarantees that your American visa lottery entry will not be disbarred for any reason!



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