Check Your Country’s Eligibility Before Applying for Visa Lottery!

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The USA is known for good livelihood. This makes this place the first choice of people who wants to migrate to other countries for study and work. In order to migrate to USA, immigrants are provided with various options by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Department. The most popular and the best way to get Green Card is through the Green Card Lottery Program. People who get a green card gets various benefits of a US citizen except the right to vote and federal jobs.

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Green Card Lottery program is an effort taken by the US Government to provide green card benefits to foreign nationals. This US Diversity Immigration Program provides 50,000 permanent residence visas to people satisfying green card eligibility requirements. This lottery happens once a year. This makes it important for people applying for this lottery to keep a check on the deadlines.

Many people have questions about why certain countries are not allowed to apply for American Visa Lottery. The reason for this is that the US Government gives USA Green Card Lottery visas to those people who come from countries having low immigration rates. This Lottery program is provided to six geographic regions. This visa is not provided to countries having high immigration rates to the USA in the past five years.

The reason for choosing the countries with a low rate is that the US Government wants to advance cultural diversity and give a fair chance to the global community. The USA Green Card Lottery requirement states that no USA Green Card should be given to the natives of countries having high-admission. Moreover, no country will be given more than seven percent of the available green card visas in one year.

The winners of this Green Card Visa Lottery program are chosen by a computer-generated drawing system. This system follows all the green card requirements. This means that any error in the application form will result in rejection. This makes it important for you to hire professional people who can file visa on your behalf. Experts know how to file an application without any mistakes and will also provide you with proper guidance.

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