Fulfill Your Dreams in America with USA Green Card Lottery!!

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The USA is a land of dreams for many people. The main reason for this is the extensive resources that are available here. People from different countries are keen to migrate to the US to live and work. The USA Green Card Lottery is a hope for many people to find a living for their families and for themselves. To get a visa for the USA is not as easy as it seems. You need to follow certain rules and regulations as the officials of the State Department always monitors the kind of people entering the country.


There are different types of visas that are available for various purposes like work visa, dependent visa, marriage visa and many other. If you are entering with these visas then you will not be able to enjoy all the rights as that of an American citizen. If you are a foreigner and want to live and work in the country, then you need to obtain Green Card. Anybody who is holding green card enjoys the same rights as that of an American citizen, except for the right to apply for federal jobs and the right to vote.

This is the reason why people from various parts of the world apply for the Green Card Lottery Program every year. This program happens once a year and people from eligible countries can apply for it if they satisfy the eligibility criteria. The US wants to include people from different cultural backgrounds to enter their country and increase diversity. For this, The State Department of the US had introduced the Green Card Lottery Program and offers 50,000 green cards to foreigners each year.

People applying for the American Visa Lottery Program should not be addicted to drugs and should be medically fit. Anyone failing to fulfill these requirements will not be provided with the Green Card.

USA-Green-Card is providing professional services regarding the filing of Green Card Lottery application. We offer personalized assistance with the entire application process that includes eligibility verification, picture handling and tracking of results. We have helped various people in filing the application and has various experienced people in our team.

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I recently visited your website and that of another offering the same services I was opting to go with you based on the prices being offered for the same service, but I was told by their customer service rep to be wary because the prices seem to be too low and may not be genuine. I just want a safe affordable solution.

    Vernal, this is hilarious! The organization that wants to charge you MORE is scamming you!