Scams Related to Green Card Lottery!!

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If you are trying to get a Green Card through the US Green Card Lottery Program, then you should start reading it’s rules and regulations. This is because there are many complications involved in filing a petition for the lottery program. You can file an application yourself and if you are not sure you can hire some professional people to do this job. While opting for these, just be sure that you choose the right service provider. The main reason for this is the fraud people and companies who are claiming that they will surely get you a visa through this Green Card Lottery Program.

How Scammers Fool You?

There are many agents who claim that they have government affiliation and offer false promises to their clients. These companies force their clients to pay high prices to file the application. After you pay the fees, these companies may still file the application in the wrong manner. If there will be any error in your application, then your application will get rejected. Also, it can happen that the fraudulent company will not submit your application and run away with all your hard earned money.

Not only this, there are many companies who call people and send emails on regular basis saying that they have won the lottery. To get their Green Cards the sender/caller demand heavy fees. They can ask your credit card details. You should always avoid people/companies asking you about your bank or credit card information. In order to avoid this, you should have full knowledge of the American Green Card Lottery Program. Get the right information about the Lottery Program so that no one can fool you. You can hire a private agent/ service provider or attorney.

Choose the Right Service Provider:

Just make sure that you hire or choose the right person or service provider who has full knowledge about this work. This will make sure that your application will never be rejected due to incorrect information. Companies/agents claiming to make you win the Green Card Lottery are frauds. There is no way to make you win the Green Card for sure. The selection process is 100% random and is decided by a computer. If somebody is telling you that he/she can make you win the lottery then he is fooling you for sure.

USA Green Card is one such service provider offering you professional services. We at USA Green Card have a professional staff to cater your needs. Our service guarantees that your visa application is completed correctly on time and without any errors.

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