Some Interesting Facts About Green Card Lottery Program

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The US is considered as a land of dreams. Many people from around the world dream of living and working here. For them, it is a land of opportunities. This is the reason why people from across the globe are always keen to migrate here. For them, the USA Green Card Lottery is a hope. This Lottery provides people a chance to live and work here. Getting a visa for the USA is very difficult. This is because the State Department monitors the entry of people in their country.

Depending on the purpose, there are different types of visas that are available. These visas include marriage visa, work visa and many others. On entering on the basis of these visas, you will not be able to enjoy all the rights as that of an American citizen. For people residing out of America, it is very important to get a Green Card. This Green Card allows you to enjoy the same rights as that of an American citizen, except the right to apply for the federal jobs and also right to vote.

Follow the Eligibility Criteria

Follow the Eligibility Criteria
There is an eligibility criteria for applying for USA Green Card Lottery program. This Lottery program is conducted once in a year and only people from eligible countries can participate in it. This is because the US wants to include people from various cultural backgrounds to enter their country and increase their diversity. Every year almost 50,000 people are given Green Card through this program.

Being from an eligible country and is satisfying all other eligibility criteria, then you can apply for this program. Also, make sure that you are physically and mentally fit. You should not be addicted to drugs and should be medically fit. If you are not able to fulfill these requirements then you will not be able to get your Green Card. You should be aware of the proper rules and instructions while filing your application. Any incorrect information can lead to immediate rejection.

If you are not aware of filing the application, then you should hire a professional service provider. These service providers know how to do things and ensuring that your application will never gets rejected for incorrect information. USA-Green-Card is one such service provider, providing professional services for filing applications regarding the USA Green Card Lottery Program. We have professional staff having years of experience in this field, making sure that your application will never gets rejected.

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