Your Entrance to USA: Green Card Lottery Program

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Every year, many people from around the world travel to America to work, study and settle in the country. America is considered as land of opportunities for many people. America has various facilities and is a developed nation. This country promises a good livelihood for foreigners who struggle to make ends meet in not so developed nations. Here an immigrant visa is a legal method to enter the country. There are various visas depending on the needs of foreigners. Of all the visas, Green Card or Permanent Resident Card is the most beneficial. A Green Card holder is entitled to enjoy all the rights enjoyed by an American citizen.  For Green Card, you can register for Green Card Lottery Program which is held every year.

Check Your Eligibility First:

The Lottery Program for America is a golden opportunity for people from eligible countries to live and work in the country legally. This Lottery Program is organized by the US Department of State every year and enables 50,000 people to migrate legally into the country. You just need to follow the requirements that are specified by the Immigration Department.

Before you apply for the American Green Card Lottery Program, you should see if your country falls in the eligibility criteria to participate in the program. Every year there are changes in the countries from where people can participate. This is based on the number of immigrants that a country sends in the past five years. Therefore, it is very important to see if your country is in the eligibility criteria.

Apart from this, you should also have the required educational qualification. Your educational qualification should be equivalent to high school education in America OR you should have at least two years of relevant work experience in the last five years. Failing to fulfill these requirements can make you ineligible to participate in the Lottery Program.

Additional Requirements:

Apart from the above factors, the Green Card USA Program also specifies that the person applying for the Green Card Lottery should not have any criminal record and also should not have an incurable disease like Tuberculosis or HIV. If you are not having any criminal record and also is medically fit, then you can apply for this Lottery Program. Your application will not get disqualified if you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria. This Lottery Program is also an ideal choice for people who wants to bring their immediate family to the US and settle there.

Hire Professional Services:

If you ever feel that you are not able to understand the eligibility criteria and needs some professional help, then USA Green Card is here for you. We at USA Green Card is providing professional service that will analyze your application before submitting. There are many restrictions that are associated with this Lottery Program that can confuse you.

You need some trained professionals who can review your application professionally and can tell you errors if there are any. We at USA Green Card will correctly prepare your application that can lead to a winning Green Card Lottery. We will make sure that your application will never be rejected due to incorrect information. Hire our Services Now!

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