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Many people from different parts of the world come to America for work, study and make a living. This is because America is considered the land of opportunities for many people. It promises a better future and livelihood for many people who are constantly struggling in less developed nations. For them, an immigration visa is a right thing to enter the United States of America. There are many immigrant visas that are open to foreigners based on their needs. Out of all of them, Green Card is the most important. A green card holder can enjoy almost all the benefits of an American citizen, except, right to vote and also to apply for federal jobs.

Try Your Luck with Green Card Lottery:

Those who want to have American Green Card can apply for the US Diversity Visa Lottery. This lottery is also known as the Green Card Lottery Program and provides a good opportunity for people looking to enter and work legally in the United States. This lottery system is organized by the US Department of State and it enables nearly 50,000 foreigners from less developed nations to migrate legally into the USA.

You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria before you successfully apply for this Lottery Program. There are a few countries whose citizens can apply for this. Every year this list gets updated. If you are from a nation whose citizens are qualified to participate in the Green Card Lottery Program, then you have completed the first and the most important requirement. Apart from this, you need to make sure that you are not charged under any criminal activity.

If you are from an eligible country and also don’t have any criminal record, then your chances to win a Green Card Lottery are more. This also requires you to have an educational qualification which must be equivalent to high school education in America or you should have a minimum of two years of relevant work experience in the last five years. Failing to fulfill these requirements can result in immediate rejection.

While filing your Green Card Lottery application, you should be sure to file each and everything carefully. Your application should completely error free and also if you want, never hesitate to take help from an expert organization like USA Green Card. We at USA Green Card is having trained staff who offers professional assistance to their customers. While filing your application for Green Card Lottery, we will personally check each and everything. You can be stress-free as we will handle all the work.

We at USA Green Card will collect your information and will review it for complete accuracy and also assess your eligibility to participate in the Green Card Lottery. We will prepare your Visa Lottery application and will also get the required photographs to satisfy the right government guidelines. With our services, you will get access to a personalized online account that will allow you to inspect the status and growth of your application. Register with us Now!

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