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Apply for Green Card Lottery Today!

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Many people from different parts of the world come to America for work, study and make a living. This is because America is considered the land of opportunities for many people. It promises a better future and livelihood for many people who are constantly struggling in less developed nations. For them, an immigration visa isRead More

To Get A USA Green Card Is No Longer A Difficult Task – Know Why?

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Life is all about grabbing opportunities! Today, everyone is trying to stay ahead of the competition & to improve their standard of living. It is one of the most common reasons that most people want to get migrated to any of the wealthiest countries throughout the world. And the US is ranked on top forRead More

Passport Requirement – DV Lottery Rule

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What’s the new rule? The State Department decided that #GreenCardLottery applicants must provide their passport information at the time of registration in the program. The passport requirement goes into effect for the 2019 (DV-2021) program. What information is required now? As a result of the new rule, the DV Lottery applicant must provide the informationRead More


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Have you ever heard of getting a Green Card by winning a lottery? Not Yet? Then, this blog is just for you! Sometimes back, I also used to wonder, how do people manage to get through such a tedious process of getting a US Green Card.  Well, I had only one answer at that timeRead More

How To Get Migrated To The US By Winning A Lottery?

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Do you still dream of living in a sumptuously rich country- the US? If yes, you might have got tired of following a tiresome process of getting a US Green Card. But, what if you will get to know that you can get a green card by winning a lottery? Well, you have heard itRead More

Your Entrance to USA: Green Card Lottery Program

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Every year, many people from around the world travel to America to work, study and settle in the country. America is considered as land of opportunities for many people. America has various facilities and is a developed nation. This country promises a good livelihood for foreigners who struggle to make ends meet in not soRead More

Avoid Scams & Hire Legit Service Providers!

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Every year almost 55,000 visas are provided to non-Americans from various eligible countries. This chance is provided by the Immigration Department of the US through an annual US Visa Lottery. This opportunity is provided every year by the Department to make people enter the country where they can legally live and work. You just needRead More

US immigration level is at a historic high!

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US immigration remains strong! So don’t believe what you hear in the media about US immigration being dead. Don’t believe all the negative news that you read on the Internet. The number of immigrants in the US is very high and America continues to welcome millions of immigrants every year! Do you know that aboutRead More

Entry Ticket To The USA- Green Card Lottery Program!

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The United States of America is the country of dreams for many people regardless of their age. Youngsters aspire to study in one of the deemed universities of the US & some of them want to work & earn handsome money. Moreover, there are a majority of people who want to live a lavish lifestyleRead More

USA Green Card Lottery Application for Getting Green Card

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Green Card provides you a legal permanent residence in the United States. The dream of getting a green card can be fulfilled by winning the Green Card Lottery. With Green Card, you can easily live and work in the US. Being a permanent resident of America will have a good effect on your legal rights inRead More