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The USA Green Card team of immigration experts has almost 25 years of experience helping individuals and families realize their American dreams! Allow us to help you fulfill your US immigration goals through the Green Card Lottery program.

  • Our counsellors help you decide what is the correct information to provide on your registration.
  • We professionally review all elements of your registration before it is submitted to the US Government and advise you of any changes that must be made.
  • We guarantee that your registration will not be disqualified due to any errors, omissions, or incorrect information.
  • We manage your entire registration process, including: data collection and verification, photo preparation and adjustment, registration submission and confirmation, and results tracking.

Compare for yourself all the advantages of using USA Green Card as your trusted US visa partner!


USA Green Card US State Department
Registration open all year long Allowed Not Allowed
Professional review of application Allowed Not Allowed
Guaranteed error-free submission Allowed Not Allowed
24/7 customer support Allowed Not Allowed
Multi-language information and registration Allowed Not Allowed
Photo preparation and processing included Allowed Not Allowed
Status updates and registration confirmation Allowed Not Allowed
Results tracking and notification Allowed Not Allowed
Update your data at any time Allowed Not Allowed
Immigration news updates Allowed Not Allowed