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Application Fees

USA Green Card fees.

The application fee paid to prepare, review, submit, and track your registration in the Green Card Lottery depends on the number of years for which you want to apply and your marital status. The lifetime application option will guarantee your participation in all future scheduled programs. Note that children are included in all applications at no additional cost.


Your registration options.


Individual Special Offer Family Special Offer
Lifetime Application (Until you win!)
Most popular choice!
$400 $200 $600 $300
5 Years (2 years free!) $250 $150 $325 $225
3 Years (3rd year free!) $150 $100 $200 $150
2 Years (50% off 2nd year!) $100 $75 $140 $115
1 Year $50 -- $75 --


Payment methods.

You can pay by any of the following methods:

All payments must be in U.S. dollars and payable to "USA Green Card."