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How It Works

An overview of the entire Visa Lottery program.

What is the DV Lottery program, also known as the "Green Card Lottery"? Who can apply and when? When are results available, and how can the USA Green Card team help you? Get a quick overview here.

What is the Green Card Lottery?

For almost 30 years, the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery has offered 55,000 US immigrant visas annually to qualified individuals (and their immediate family members) who were born in countries whose citizens are underrepresented in the American population.

Who is eligible to participate?

Almost everyone qualifies to participate in the US Green Card Lottery! Applicants must satisfy minimum nationality and education or work experience requirements. There are no age limits, and you can register for the Green Card Lottery if you are living in the US or in a foreign country.

How to apply?

Information required:

  • Personal information for yourself and any family members, such as legal name, date of birth, and place of birth.
  • Additional information for the primary applicant, including level of education and marital status.
  • Photos for each family member included on the application.

When to apply:

  • USA Green Card accepts registrations for the annual program all year long.
  • You can register and complete your application at any time and, it will be submitted during the official submission period, the dates for which change every year.

Confirmation notices and results.

USA Green Card will provide you with your official registration confirmation number when your application has been submitted. We will also track the results for you and notify you by your prefer method of communication.

What does USA Green Card do for you?

  • Our professional service will collect your information, review it for accuracy and completeness, and assess your eligibility to participate in the Green Card Lottery.
  • We will prepare your Visa Lottery photographs to satisfy strict government guidelines.
  • Your application will be registered officially with the US State Department and proof of participation (confirmation number) will be provided.
  • We will track the progress of your Visa Lottery registration to ensure that you obtain your results as fast as possible.
  • You will also have access to your personalized online account, which will allow you to view the status and progress of your application at all times.

Using our services bring you peace of mind and guarantee that your Green Card Lottery entry will not be disqualified for any reason!

Green Card Winner, T. Schalke

Green Card Winner, T. Schalke