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Success Statistics

Odds of winning.

Over the past decade, the number of entries received each year to compete for the 55,000 green cards available in each DV Lottery year has averaged about 12.6 million. An average of 109,000 participants from each year's pool of applicants were selected each year. Therefore, the odds of winning in this period have been 1 in 116 (a fairly good chance of being selected).

The last year for which we have data (DV-2024) took place in 2022 and attracted 22.2 million entries, from which 143,000 participants were selected. The odds of winning in calendar year 2022 were 1 in 155, which still represent a rather favorable probability of selection.

Right now, aspiring U.S. immigrants oftentimes must wait many years to get their U.S. visa. An important benefit of the Green Card Lottery process is that it offers the best way to avoid this long visa wait time.

The U.S. Government needs you in America to add diversity to its population. When you win the DV Lottery you help make that happen.

Skip the long wait and take advantage of favorable odds of winning. Apply for the Green Card Lottery today!

Green Card Winner, P. Mueller

Green Card Winner, P. Mueller