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Factory worker getting hired with handshake

America Has a Job for You!

November 23, 2021

The U. S. is in dire need of new and immigrant workers because many Americans are quitting their jobs. There are currently 3 million fewer people looking for jobs than in February 2020.

Michelle Wu Election Victory Poster

Daughter of Asian immigrants wins!

November 9, 2021

On November 2, 2021, Michelle Wu, a Democrat, made news around the world by becoming the first Asian American elected mayor of Boston, Massachusetts, one of the most important cities in the United States with a 200-year history of electing only white men.

Stop Watch on Open Hand

Final days for 2021!

October 31, 2021

Hurry up! We are now entering the last days to participate! This year’s Green Card Lottery registration (DV-2023 program) ends on November 9, 2021 at noon (EST). One of the most common mistakes that participants make is waiting until the last day to submit their application.

Alfred Nobel Prize Gold Medallion

U.S. Immigrants and the Nobel Prize

October 25, 2021

America is known as the Land of Dreams and Opportunities and for many immigrants that also means a pathway to receiving a Nobel Prize. In 2021, three of the four recipients of the medicine, chemistry, and physics Nobel Prizes are U. S. immigrants.

Immigrants Waving U.S. Flag.

2021 DV Dates Announced

October 1, 2021

This year's Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) will run from October 6, 2021 until November 9, 2021. The U. S. State Department, which administers the program, made the announcement.

Social Security Card Example

New Green Card Benefit

August 21, 2021

A social security card now comes with the green card! Immigrants can now sign-up for a social security number (SSN) as part of their green card application process. The SSN is required for any type of employment in the U. S.

Biden Hosts Naturalization Ceremony

U.S. Citizenship Now Easier!

July 18, 2021

Becoming a U. S. citizen has never been easier thanks to President Joe Biden’s new immigration policy. The Biden administration continues with its pro-immigration policies as promised during his presidential campaign. The new administration actively encourages the over 9 million legal permanent residents (green card holders) in the U.

Independence Day Fireworks over U.S. Capitol

Happy 245th America!

June 10, 2021

Do you know that immigrants played a critical role in the birth of the United States?

Independence Day is celebrated in the United States on July 4 each year. It commemorates the publication of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776.

Selfie of Family Wearing Face Masks

12 Reasons to Live in the U.S.

April 16, 2021

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, did you know that the United States is still the best place in the world to live? Why? Here are just a few of the reasons why the American dream is still very much alive, and why living in the United States remains...

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