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What Are the Odds of Winning?

Green Card Lottery statistics.

The U.S. State Department has not published numbers of winners by country statistics since the DV-2018 program. This makes it difficult to estimate the chances of being selected in the Green Card Lottery.

Based on historical records, however, the average odds of winning (being selected) in the Green Card Lottery are approximately 1:132.

DV-Year Entrants Selectees Odds of Winning
DV-2016 11,391,134 91,563 1:124
DV-2017 12,437,190 83,910 1:148
DV-2018 14,692,258 115,968 1:127
Average 12,840,194 97,147 1:132


Recent trends in participation indicate a considerable decline in the number of people entering the lottery. This reduction in number of entries competing for the same number of diversity visas (55,000 annually), means that your odds of winning the DV Lottery have more than doubled. Read DV Lottery success statistics for more information.