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What Are the Odds of Winning?

Green Card Lottery statistics.

Based on records published by the U.S. State Department for the DV-2016 through DV-2024 programs, the average odds of winning (being selected) in the Green Card Lottery are approximately 1:116.

DV Year Entrants Selectees Odds of Winning
DV-2016 11,391,134 91,563 1:124
DV-2017 12,437,190 83,910 1:148
DV-2018 14,692,258 115,968 1:127
DV-2019 14,352,013 87,610 1:164
DV-2020 14,722,798 83,884 1:176
DV-2021 6,741,128 132,404 1:51
DV-2022 7,336,302 119,021 1:62
DV-2023 9,570,291 119,262 1:80
DV-2024 22,185,619 143,000 1:155
Average 12,603,193 108,514 1:116


The table showcases the outcomes of the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery from the year DV-2016 to DV-2024. Each row represents a particular DV year, and the columns provide information on:

  • DV Year: This specifies the DV year under consideration.
  • Entrants: The number of people who applied or entered the DV Lottery for that respective year.
  • Selectees: This is the number of individuals selected or shortlisted from the pool of entrants.
  • Odds of Winning: The ratio of the number of entrants to the number of selectees, giving a general idea of an individual's chances of being selected in the lottery.

The numbers of entrants have fluctuated over the years. It began at 11,391,134 in DV-2016, decreased significantly to 6,741,128 in DV-2021, and then spiked to its highest in DV-2024 at 22,185,619.

The number of selectees, or those chosen in the lottery, has varied too, though not with the same magnitude as the number of entrants. The highest number of selectees was in DV-2021 with 132,404 people and the lowest was in DV-2017 with 83,910 people.

The odds of winning, which is a simple way of representing how competitive the lottery was in a given year, has also changed. The odds were the most favorable in DV-2021 with 1 in 51 and least favorable in DV-2020 with 1 in 176.

On average, across these years, there were 12,603,193 entrants with about 108,514 selectees, translating to average odds of winning being 1 in 116.

This table provides an overview of the DV Lottery's competitiveness and popularity over several years, helping potential entrants gauge their chances and understand historical trends.

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