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What Do I Do If I Am Separated from My Spouse or in a Divorce?

Applying during process of separation or divorce.

At the time of applying to the Green Card Lottery, if you are separated (not legally separated) or in the process of a divorce (but not yet legally divorced), then you must select your marital status as "married" and you must include your spouse's information (including photo). This is required even if you do not plan to request a US visa for your spouse if you win the Green Card Lottery.

If you are legally separated or legally divorced, please select "legally separated" or "divorced" as your marital status. In these cases, you do not need to include your spouse's information on the DV Lottery application.

Note that failure to exclude your spouse's information when it is required as described here, may disqualify you from obtaining your visa if you are selected in the DV Lottery program.