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What If I Do Not Have a Passport?

Exemptions to the DV Lottery passport requirement.

Update: As of February 4, 2022, applicants to the DV Lottery are no longer required to provide passport details.

You no longer need to have a passport to apply.

However, between calendar years 2019 and 2021, the US Government did require that applicants have a valid and unexpired passport in order to participate in the Green Card Lottery.

Exemptions to that rule were available to participants who did not have a passport but could claim one of three situations.

Applicants without a passport could still participate if:

  • they were stateless;
  • they were a national of a Communist controlled country and are unable to obtain a passport; or
  • they were the beneficiary of a waiver approved by the United States Government.

These applicants had to indicate the reason for the exemption when they registered.

The previous passport rule was eliminated by court order in February 2022.