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Benefits of Applying Early to the Green Card Lottery.

Why register early for the Green Card Lottery?

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Jump-Start Your Green Card Lottery Application!

Early registrations for the Green Card Lottery are strongly recommended for many reasons! Every year about 50% of applications worldwide are disqualified because of small mistakes made by the applicant. All these errors could be avoided by understanding the process and consulting with one of our expert staff members first. What kind of mistakes are usually made? These include incomplete or incorrect personal or family information, or incorrectly formatted photographs. Countless other potential registrations are squandered each year because of missed deadlines, or inability to provide all application requirements during a last-minute rush to apply. An early application made with USA Green Card, guarantees that you will not fall into any of these traps!

With 25 years of experience, our professional staff possesses the knowledge and expertise to guarantee that every single detail of your application is correct and satisfies the stringent requirements of the U.S. State Department. The earlier that you apply, the more time we have to work with you to verify your qualifications and perfect your application. You can apply on any day of the year. Early registration gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your application will be in 100% compliance with Visa Lottery requirements and will be ready for immediate submission to the U.S. Government on day one, as soon as the specified submission period opens for the year.

Understand the process and requirements.

Most potential applicants have questions before beginning the process. Are you aware that there is no dedicated, government customer service team available to answer such questions? USA Green Card has an extensive library of commonly asked questions that can be translated on our website to any language to help you better understand if English is not your preferred language. Furthermore, we offer free and customized consultations to help you with any questions you may have regarding your specific circumstances and your personal green card application. It is best practice to make these types of inquiries and consultations as early as possible, so you fully understand all aspects of the Visa Lottery entry and its application requirements. Do not wait until the last minute and be informed before you apply!

Every single detail counts but not everyone knows!

It is easy to inadvertently omit information that is required on the Green Card Lottery application form. Should you include a spouse if they are a U.S. citizen? Should you include a spouse if you are temporarily separated? For children, should you include adopted children? Can you include adult children who are dependents? If you do not have a passport, can you still apply? These are the kinds of details that must be correctly addressed on every Visa Lottery application. To compound this issue, the Visa Lottery rules and data requirements frequently change from one year to the next. It is common for an applicant who applies one year without any issue to try again the next year only to run into problems because the requirements have changed. Our staff is regularly updated and trained on all developments related to the Green Card Lottery application process. We know the details of each year’s application form and understand the changing requirements. Again, early registration is beneficial as it adds time for us to help you sort out any issues with updated lottery requirements.

Picture requirements are highly technical.

You must provide a digital photograph for every family member and the specifications can be confusing. Think of this. When you are ready to add your photos to your application, you must make sure that they are all in the “Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG) or File Interchange Format (JFIF)” format, with a maximum size of 240,000 bytes (240 Kb), a resolution of 600 pixels wide by 600 pixels high, with a minimum 300 ppi, plus have a color depth of 24-bit color. (These are just the technical requirements and say nothing about additional style requirements!) Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with these terminologies and do not understand how to manipulate electronic photos (or have the software) so that they conform to these requirements. It is extremely common for applications to be disqualified by the U.S. State Department simply for not providing correctly formatted photos. (Beware! For those brave enough to try submitting their own photos, the DV Lottery website will not validate your photos for you, and you will have zero idea if your photos actually adhere to the requirements. It is like sending your photos into a black box, with no idea what has happened to them inside!) When you register early with USA Green Card, however, our professional staff will review your pictures and make sure that they satisfy every requirement. If for any reason they are not acceptable, we will contact you directly to explain the problem and provide guidance on how to resolve it. It is the most common case that we will directly make the necessary adjustments for you, which is done free of charge and saves you time and headache. The key takeaway here is that early registrations allow us sufficient time to address any problems with the complicated issue of photo requirements.

Eliminate anxiety over the registration deadline.

In recent years, the DV Lottery deadline has occurred in the October-November period, but the dates are not the same each year. The official announcement is usually made just days before the opening of the program, and it is not widely publicized. The result is that countless would-be applicants miss the deadline completely because they learn about it too late, while many others wait until the last minute to apply only to find out that they do not have all required elements of the application or sufficient time to complete it, or the government website has gone down due to the large volume of last-minute applicants attempting to access it (this last possibility happens frequently). These unfortunate (but common) situations are easily avoided when you register early! Escape these frustrations. Register early with USA Green Card and your registration will be submitted on-time, guaranteed!

Your green card registration path.

Are you convinced of the benefits of registering early? If yes, you can apply right away. USA Green Card has the easiest registration path in the industry. It is totally hassle-free, easy, and can be done in just 5 simple steps!

  1. Complete your personal and family details such as name, date of birth, place of birth, contact information, level of education, etc., on the Diversity Visa Application.
  2. We will create a personal account for you with your own username and password that allows you to add or update information as necessary and to track the status of your application.
  3. Easily upload photos for you and your family.
  4. Pay your application processing fee.

Once you have entered all your details, we will review your application to make sure that it is in total compliance with the Green Card Lottery requirements and, if needed, we will work with you to fix any issues. We will submit your application at the onset of the official registration period for that year and send you a confirmation number, so you know that your application has been successfully submitted. Your confirmation number will also be used to confirm your results.

If you are married, you can double your chances of winning by applying twice! Only one entry per person per year is allowed in order not to be disqualified, but if you are married you can submit one application for you and one for your spouse, thereby doubling the chances of being selected. If either one of you wins your entire family wins (including unmarried children who are younger than 21 years old).

USA Green Card is the global leading processor of Diversity Immigrant Visa (green card) Lottery entries. We have helped thousands of successful applicants to make a reality their dreams of immigrating to the U.S. We have some of the best testimonials in the industry. Let us help you today with your Green Card Lottery application, and we may be welcoming you to the U.S. soon!


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