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Can I Join the U.S. Military?

Foreigners can join the U.S. Military if they have a green card.

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You can serve if you have a green card!

Are you a non-U.S. citizen who is interested in joining a branch of the U.S. military? We receive thousands of inquiries each year from eager foreigners wanting to enlist. While your enthusiasm to join and become a part of the Armed Forces is commendable, U.S. law requires more. The key point is that you will need to have your green card (U.S. permanent residence visa) to join. There are no exceptions. USA Green Card offers a registration process for your opportunity to get your own green card, which will then allow you to pursue your military service goals.

Advantages of joining the military.

Why would you want to join the military? There are many benefits associated with joining. A top advantage is job security. The Armed Forces of the United States is always looking to hire. It must recruit hundreds of thousands of people every year to always have sufficient personnel in the event armed conflicts require deployment of troops. You are also entitled to on-the-job education and training. The job and leadership skills you will learn can be highly valuable to you in the civilian sector after you end your military duties. (You can even get your college education paid for by the U.S. Government.) Additional perks include generous stipends and salaries, and allowances for living expenses like rent/housing, utilities, and food. Opportunities to travel the world are abundant as a military service member. Medical insurance is free and post-service benefits (like health insurance and retirement benefits) are plentiful. Of course, even with all these advantages, many people decide to enlist out of patriotism or a strong sense of duty to serve the country and protect its people, culture, and institutions. Whatever your reason, joining the U.S. Armed Forces is a decision that leads to many rewards.

The U.S. Military wants foreigners to join!

Do you know that Air Force News reports that 35,000 non-citizens are serving actively in the military and 8,000 join foreigners join it annually? The military has a clear understanding of the benefits that non-citizen service members offer. One of the most important benefits is foreigners’ linguistic and cultural skills and knowledge, which are much more diverse than those of U.S. citizen recruits. In today’s challenging, non-stop fight against global war on terrorism, these skills are especially valuable. So, yes, foreigners are wanted and welcome to join the military. Are you interested?

What will be required join?

When you are ready to join, you will be required to prove that you have a green card (or are a U.S. citizen). You will also be required to demonstrate that you have at least a high school (secondary education) diploma or a GED (a General Equivalency Degree that is a credential equivalent to a high school diploma). In addition, you will need to take an exam known as the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) that helps determine the U.S. military force and the type of job in that force for which you would be best suited. A physical exam will also be conducted to make sure you are physically fit enough to serve.

Steps for enlisting.

If you satisfy the both the green card and high school degree requirements, there are three steps for you to take in the enlistment process

  1. Get in touch with your local recruiter. Click here to find military recruiters near you.
  2. When you decide to enlist, you will go to a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) to take your physical/medical exam, complete the ASVAB, and meet with a counselor who will help you decide which branch (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) to join. If everything looks acceptable to you and the MEPS staff, you will be administered an oath of enlistment.
  3. Ordinarily, at this point you will need to wait for a few weeks to receive your orders for basic training, which inform you where and when to report and begin your military training.

Get your green card to join the U.S. military.

If you are one of the few and determined individuals who are willing to sacrifice your time to a communal goal that is larger than yourself, and who is willing to devote your efforts to the advancement of the United States, take the necessary first step: get your green card. Without it, you will not be able to pursue a future in the U.S. Military. Register to get your green card through USA Green Card today!


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