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DV Lottery Confirmation Number Important Facts.

What you need to know about your DV confirmation number.

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Avoid DV Confirmation Number Confusion

Most DV Lottery (Green Card Lottery) applicants are unaware of the many intricacies relating to the confirmation number that is provided by the U.S. State Department for each Diversity Visa Lottery entry. Yes, the DV confirmation number confirms that an application was received. But there are so many other details to understand, including when and how to use it, and a sizable number of peculiar circumstances to consider. In this overview, we will explain all the facts and frustrations related to the DV Lottery confirmation number.

What is the DV confirmation number?

When applicants successfully submit a registration to the DV Lottery (Green Card Lottery) program, they are issued a unique 16-digit confirmation number that begins with the 4-digit fiscal year for which the entry is valid. For example, applicants who applied to the calendar year 2021 Visa Lottery—which falls under the U.S. Government’s fiscal year 2023—received a confirmation number beginning with “2021…”.

Your confirmation number proves that you successfully submitted an entry to the DV Lottery. It also helps to secure your application, so that an impostor cannot claim that he/she is you and attempt to get the visa that you have won. The confirmation number is required to access all required visa issuance instructions and forms in the event you are selected in the DV Lottery.

Important note: The DV confirmation number is not the same as the “case number.” A case number is only assigned to applicants who are selected for further visa processing (“winners”).

Your confirmation number is required to check your Visa Lottery results.

Together with your last name and year of birth, your DV confirmation number is used to check the status of your entry on the DV Entry Status Check website. You should keep your confirmation number in a safe place. Do not lose it! You will need it to check if you were selected, and you cannot get your results without the confirmation number.

The State Department, U.S. embassies and consulates, and the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), cannot check your results and cannot provide you with your confirmation number. Furthermore, the Department of State does not publish a list of the names of winners, and it will not reach out to you to let you know if you were selected or not.

When can you check your results?

Keep in mind that you cannot check your results immediately after your DV Lottery application is submitted. This is because the actual computerized lottery drawing occurs at an unpublicized date after the registration period ends. You must wait approximately six months after your entry is submitted before you can check your results. In the most recent years, the annual DV Lottery program has closed in the month of November, meaning that results cannot be checked until May of the following year.

For example, if you applied to the Visa Lottery that closed in November 2021, you could check your results starting in May 2022. The results remain accessible until the end of the DV Program’s fiscal year. So, continuing with the same example, the lottery that ended in November 2020 was the “DV-2022” program (fiscal year 2022), and the results of that lottery would remain viewable until September 30, 2022.

The exact day in May when the results are released varies each year. An important fact to consider is that the U.S. Government does not widely publicize this date. Therefore, you should remain vigilant to be ready to check your results as soon as they are released.

You might want to check your results more than once!

The announcement of the results availability date and the posting of results has not always been a smooth process.

For several years in a row, for example, the DV Entrant Status Check website was unable for technical reasons to go live on the announced opening date. This caused much confusion and frustration with the days-long wait time to get the system up and running. Applicants had to attempt to check their results multiple times before succeeding.

In another year, and again because of technical issues, initial results that had been posted were revoked and a new set of winners was posted. Applicants that had already checked their results had to check again because the first results had been invalidated.

It is also possible for some winners to be announced later than others. Why? To make sure that all available diversity visas are issued each year, the State Department can add additional tranches of winners at any time during the Visa Lottery’s fiscal year. This has happened in the past when fewer-than-expected winners chose to pursue their visa cases, leaving too many visas unissued. Therefore, additional names were added to the winners list—after the initial list of selected applicants was released in May—in an effort to award all diversity visas available for that year. An applicant that had checked results early and found they were not selected could have potentially checked again at a later date to learn that they were, then, winners.

The DV confirmation number can cause a lot of headaches.

It is extremely common for applicants to misplace their DV confirmation number or forget that they are responsible for checking their results. This is one of the most important reasons why using a reputable service like USA Green Card is so critical. We provide you with your DV confirmation number when your entry is submitted to the DV Lottery Program, but we also store your confirmation number in your personal account for safe keeping.

You can always independently verify your results with your confirmation number (and we will notify you as soon as the results are available to be checked), but you will have the additional peace of mind knowing that we will automatically check your results as soon as they are available. We also check the results as many times as necessary when there are special circumstances, like when the State Department revokes results or adds winners.

We send the results to you by email so that you are immediately aware if you have been selected. Note that early awareness of your selection is important because winners must go through a secondary, more intensive application process before their visa can be issued. The earlier you start that process, the more likely you are to be successful in obtaining your U.S. diversity visa.

Let USA Green Card manage your DV confirmation.

You can avoid the hassle and confusion that is involved with storing your DV confirmation number and remembering when and how to check your Visa Lottery results. When you apply with USA Green Card, a crucial part of our service is the management of your DV confirmation. We store your confirmation number securely, check your results early (and as many times as circumstances dictate), and notify you promptly. The process is completely transparent because you always maintain the power to independently verify your results.
We have helped thousands of families and individuals successfully participate in the Green Card Lottery. We invite you to trust us with your own application!


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