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Is the Green Card Lottery Free?

What you should know about "free" registration.

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Don't gamble away your opportunity!

While applying to the Green Card Lottery directly with the U.S. State Department does not have any associated cost, that does not mean that it is hassle-free! Unfortunately, the government website does not offer any kind of support and does not provide any guidance during the registration process to ensure that your entry is not ineligible, incomplete, or inaccurate. In addition, the government site is available only during a short period of time each year, making it very easy to miss the deadline.

USA Green Card offers you open registration for the Green Card Lottery all year round, professional review of your application, guaranteed error-free submission, 24/7 customer support, multi-language information and registration, photo preparation and processing services, application status updates, registration confirmation, results tracking and notifications, and green card news updates. You will not get any of these (and additional) benefits when you choose to apply for free.

Taking the free route is like gambling with your precious opportunity to get your green card! Do not let your chance go to waste. Apply with us today, and we will professionally manage your green card application!


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