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When Will the DV-2025 Lottery Results be Announced?

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Checking DV Lottery results can be stressful!

The results of the Green Card Lottery for calendar year 2023 (DV-2025 program) were released on May 4, 2024. All applicants for this lottery, which closed on November 7, 2023, are able to check their results at the U.S. State Department’s DV Program website through September 30, 2025.

You need to check your own results.

The U.S. Government will not contact you to give you your results. If you applied directly, you will not receive any notice by mail, email, or phone.

You are responsible for remembering when and how to check your DV Lottery results.

When to check?

Results were successfully released by the U.S. Government without delay and on the scheduled date of May 4, 2024.

Based on previous years’ experiences with announced versus actual dates, it is worth keeping in mind that the actual date on which you can check your results may be somewhat later than the forecasted date for two reasons.

First, technical glitches are common when a new year’s set of DV Lottery results are published online. Staff responsible for operating the DV Lottery “Entrant Status Check” website can take several days to make the necessary fixes to get the website’s reporting function to work correctly.

Second, the volume of incoming web traffic to the website can prevent you from viewing your results. Especially during the first few hours (and even days) after the website becomes available, the high volume of requests made to access the site can paralyze the system or slow it down, making it difficult for you to access it. Therefore, it may take several to many more attempts before the initial surge in traffic subsides, and you can access the website to retrieve your results.

Do not get confused by the Entrant Status Check website.

It is important to note that the website where you can check your results is available all year round. Many applicants (incorrectly) believe that they can check their results immediately on that site, or shortly after submitting their DV Lottery application. This is not the case.

At any given time, the website allows you to check the status of two previous visa lotteries. You must wait until the announced date of results availability before attempting to check the results for your lottery year. If you try to check the results of your application for a lottery year that the system is not yet accepting, you will get a generic “invalid confirmation number” error.

Wait until the announced results-availability date before checking your results!

How to check?

How can you check your results? You will need to have the DV Lottery confirmation number given to you at the time your application was submitted. It is a 16-digit number that begins with the DV lottery year for which you applied. For the DV-2026 program, this means that the confirmation number will begin with the four-number sequence “2026.”

Keep your confirmation number in a safe place after it is given to you when you apply because it is impossible to get your DV Lottery results without it.

In addition to entering your confirmation number, you will need to enter your family/last name (this must be entered exactly as on your DV Lottery application form), and your four-digit year of birth.

If you enter all information correctly, the system will inform you if you were selected or not.

What to do after you get your results?

If you are selected, you will receive instructions on the additional steps to take to request your DV visa (if you are living outside the U.S.), or how you adjust your current visa status to permanent resident (if you are currently living in the country).

If you do not win, then it is the perfect time to renew your registration for the next Diversity Visa Lottery.

Apply for the next program with USA Green Card.

Why should you consider submitting your Green Card Lottery application through USA Green Card? Some of the key advantages of applying with us include:

  • There is no chance for you to lose your confirmation number because we store it safely for you.
  • You will not get confused by the Entrant Status Check website because we remember when and know how to look up your DV Lottery results for you.
  • Results will be sent to you directly because we check your results for you and contact you.
  • You can independently verify your own results because we provide you with your confirmation number so that you can check the results as detailed above.

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