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375K More U.S. Green Cards

March 17, 2021

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Biden’s proposed immigration bill will make 375,000 more green cards available each year. His proposal aims to increase by 35% the total number of green cards available to immigrants to 1.5 million per year.

More DV visas.

Keeping his promise to re-open America to immigrants, Biden proposes that the Diversity Visa Lottery program (“Green Card Lottery”) get a 45% increase in number of green cards allotted yearly. Right now, up to 55,000 green cards are available via this program each year. The new proposal increases this number to 80,000.

Other immigration programs gain, too.

Other categories of U.S. immigration would also see substantial increases in green card availability. Immigrants with advanced degree and STEM backgrounds, professors, researchers, and multinational company managers and executives, would all benefit from the plan.

Even more green cards for DV Lottery.

An important component of Biden’s U.S. Citizenship Act is how the annual limits on green cards will be calculated. Right now, for example, when a Green Card Lottery winner’s family members receive green cards, each of these is counted as part of the total 50,000 limit available each year. Under the new plan, the green cards awarded to spouses and children would not count towards the yearly cap, meaning that even more green cards will be available.

Biden’s plan addresses a national crisis.

Notably, the U.S. is in desperate need of more immigrants. With a growing population of older people, and a shrinking pool of working-age people to support them, the United States is estimated to require a 37% increase in immigrants by 2060 to maintain the current demographic balance. That amounts to an extra 370,00 immigrants per year!

You can be part of the solution.

Biden’s plan to make more green cards available is a strong response to the nation’s demographic and economic need for more immigration. More green cards are part of the solution, but the U.S. also needs you! Take this opportunity to immigrate to America. More green cards are available, and the country needs more immigrants. Apply to the DV Lottery program for your chance today!


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