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Pal Olson Gets a Fresh start in the US

September 27, 2020

Image of Young P. Olson

Pal Olson always dreamed of studying in the United States.

As a young kid growing up in his native Finland he was hooked on American cartoon series like Family Guy and American Dad. Pal wondered "wouldn't it be funny to live in the US and get to recreate some of the outlandish scenarios from his favorite TV shows?"

Later on, he became more focused on his studies in biology and chemistry and his thoughts on America switched to "wouldn't it be great to study in a technology and academic hub like San Francisco or Boston?"

During his second year at university, he decided to try his luck by entering in the Green Card Lottery. He beat the odds and was selected. About one year later, Pal completed his visa application requirements and interview, and received his US permanent residence card.

Now in he US, Pal is studying part time at a local community college in the San Francisco Bay area until he can settle in to his new living situation. He says his next goal is to get admitted to one of those prestigious universities he so often thought about, and to continue his studies.

Good luck, Pal, and welcome to the US!


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