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New Green Card Benefit

August 21, 2021

Social Security Card Example

A social security card now comes with the green card! Immigrants can now sign-up for a social security number (SSN) as part of their green card application process. The SSN is required for any type of employment in the U.S.

Once again, keeping his election promise to keep it simple and fast for new immigrants to move to the U.S., the Biden administration announced on August 9, 2021 that starting immediately applicants filling the I-485 form to apply for their green card (permanent residence) can now also request their social security number card on the same application, saving them the trip and time it takes to go to the Social Security office to request it in person.

This is a very important step because traditionally, new green card holders must go in person after they receive their permanent resident card to request their SSN card, which is required before they can start to look for a job or start one. Thanks to this new partnership between the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration, things will move faster and more effectively for new permanent residents that are recent arrivals to the U.S., proving that the Biden administration is truly committed to helping new immigrants start their new lives in the country.

The announcement was made public by the newly appointed USCIS director, Ur M. Jaddou, who herself is the daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico and Iraq. In her Twitter statement, she highlighted that “eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and optimizing collaboration across public-serving agencies is a key priority for this agency and the Biden-Harris administration.”

Considering the high volume of I-485 applications that the USCIS processes annually (about 520,000 in 2020) this new measure to facilitate the assignment of social security numbers to green card applicants will be a great time saver for all new green card applicants. This will be made possible by the collaboration of both agencies, sharing the information provided on the I-485 application form, to issue the green card and social security card effectively and quickly at the same time.

“Upon receiving the data, the Social Security Administration will automatically assign an original SSN or issue a replacement card, as appropriate,” the Social Security Administration announced in a news release.

Since President Biden took office in January 2021 and signed the Restoring Faith in Our Legal Immigration Systems executive order, USCIS has worked hard to change some of the decisions made by his predecessor and make all aspects of immigration to the United States simpler and easier. This new measure is solid proof of that goal!

Incidentally, another big change involving this administration’s support of immigrants is the elimination of the widely criticized 2019 Public Charge Rule, which blocked the path to permanent resident cards (green cards) for low-income immigrants from around the world. The U.S. has always been a melting pot of immigrants who built and made this nation great, and the Biden administration is pushing strongly for easier immigration paths to make the country even greater.

The Green Card Lottery is the easiest way to become a permanent resident and to legally work and live in the United States. Applying only takes a few minutes and the results could be life changing for selected applicants and their immediate families. America still has the #1 economy in the world, has amazing health care, the top education system, low unemployment, and great opportunities. And now, the green card comes with the essential social security number, making it easier for new immigrants to seek and obtain a great job!

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